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Rock Fish

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Product Descriptions

Delicious for all cooking applications, this deep water treasure is prized for its bright red color and firm versatile flesh for all cooking applications. Vermillion rock cod and Blackgill are found mostly in deep water canyons and banks along the Pacific Coast from Northern Canada to the Southern Baja Mexico area of San Quentin.

Reds and Blackgill are prized by local fisherman for their high market value, and local chefs for their high fillet yield and succulent flavor. These fish feed primarily on small crustaceans and squid, although they also feed on anchovies and sardines in the shallow zones. Hook and line catch methods and small panga fishing vessels insure stability for sustainability from San Diego to Baja. San Diego's small vessel flee provides us with "true" local Rockfish from short trips from 2 to 3 days right to our deck. The fish is selected and sized for local sushi bars and restaurants.

Product Videos

Vermillion rockfish, Reds, Thornyheads
Sebastes species
March - August

Primary Product Forms

Whole, Gutted, Fillets
Hook in Line

Harvest Area:

global supply
California and Baja California
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