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Pacific Snapper Varieties

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Product Descriptions

Snapper is a very popular and succulent fish that is usually marketed whole. It reaches maturity at a length of about 39 inches. The common adult length is 60 inches but may reach 100 inches. The maximum published weight is 10 lbs, and it can be caught as deep as 300 ft. Snappers feed primarily off shrimp and squid. At Catalina Offshore Products we carry a variety of snapper that comes from Baja California. Snapper vary in colors, from red to yellow. The most popular form of cooking is whole, either grilled, baked or fried. Note that Rockfish can be called Red Snapper in California, Washington and Oregon; however, there is no True Snapper on the U.S. West Coast. At Catalina Offshore Products we carry the following varieties: Yellowtail Pargo, Rose Snapper, Cardinal, Dogtooth Snapper, Green Bar Pargo and Huachinango. All Pacific True Snappers come from Baja California, Mexico.

Product Videos

Silk Snapper, True Snapper
Lutjanus guttatus, Lutjanus argentiventris, Lutjanus synagris
Year round, Fall and Winter primary seasons

Primary Product Forms

Whole,G&G,Fillet (Skin on)
Day Boat Hook and Line

Harvest Area:

global supply
Southern Baja California
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