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Live Baja Geoduck

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Product Descriptions

The name, Geoduck (pronounced Gooey-Duck), does not necessarily inspire hungry anticipation. It sounds like a sticky avian-meat product, but nothing could be further from the truth.

These unusual bivalves (think hinged clams, oysters and scallops) are one of the most prized fresh seafood products in the world, especially by the Chinese who revere Geoduck for its delicate flavor and crunchy texture. Even Bizarre Food connoisseur, Andrew Zimmern, became addicted to them while visiting sushi bars in New York City and still looks forward to eating this rare, exotic food whenever he can. What is new since Zimmern took his first bite is how affordable it has become. This cousin of the northern Geoduck, AlmejaGenerosa, is now being hand-harvested by collectives of divers near Sonora and Puerto Penasco in Baja, Mexico. Once the fragile creatures are lifted from the sea, their shells are secured with rubber bands. They are slipped into salt water baths for the trip north to Catalina Offshore Products, where they are coddled to preserve the highest quality.

Order them as Mirugai at sushi bars, where they are sliced, peeled, cooked or eaten raw (and also release more water than the Northern variety). At about half the price of cold water Geoduck, the flavor and texture remains impeccable. By either name, enjoy this unique, affordable and delicious delicacyas sashimi, minced and floating in tasty sauces or gently cooked and served in hot-pots or a variety of chowders.

Mud duck, King clam
Panopea generosa
Year Round

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Baja California
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