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Ling cod

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Product Descriptions

Lingcod prefer rocky habitats and deep water structure such as shipwrecks and caves.

Considered an ambush predator; this fish lives in deep water between 50-300 feet and devours large fish and squid as they pass by their underwater lairs. Lingcod have a blotchy-camouflage brown appearance with a large head and huge jaws, lined with needle sharp teeth. Although once considered an overfished species in California and Baja; tight size regulations, catch limits, and shorter catch seasons, have improved this fish's stocks in recent years.

Lingcod is mostly a by catch of the Vermillion Rockfish fishery, and is not specifically targeted. There are several color phases in this species, green and blue flesh is not uncommon, however the flesh still cooks up snow white, with a nice flake, delicious and prized by local San Diegans for its wonderful table fare.

Bacalao, Blue Cod, Bluefish
Ophiodon elongatus
April - August

Primary Product Forms

Whole, H&G, Fillets
Day Boat Hook in Line

Harvest Area:

global supply
Baja California
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