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Jumbo Scallops

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Product Descriptions

*Not available this season

Mano de Leon, the giant, prized deep water mollusk is a firm, meaty scallop with a creamy rich flavor. It was named lions paw by the Baja fishermen because of its size and the golden-orange color of its large shells.

Hand harvested divers from pristine lagoons nourished by the Pacific Ocean. These scallops are completely free of chemicals, water or other additives. The meat color ranges from off-white to yellow-orange.

These are excellent when grilled or seared.

Product Videos

Mano de Leon, Great scallop or King scallop
Nodipecten subnodosus
Not available

Primary Product Forms

U-8 (Hototegai),U-6,U-10,U-12,U-5,U-4
U-8, U-6, U-10, U-5

Harvest Area:

global supply
Baja California
Excellent (Click for more info)

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