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Gulf Corvina

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Product Descriptions

The Gulf Corvina, also know as Shortfin Corvina is characterized by its overall silver appearance, blue-gray back, very large mouth, projecting lower jaw, no barbells, and smooth edges of the gill covers.This fish is caught throughout the year along Baja California's sandy beaches, although fishing is at its best from February through May. Corvina runs during the early spring and is considered a great value for wholesalers throughout the United States. This versatile fish is rich in flavor and sold for local restaurants, independent, grocery stores and to local farmers markets. Corvina was once considered an overfished specie. Recent government regulations from Pesca (Mexico's Fish and Game Authority) has put pressure on illegal fishing in Baja California, and has allowed this fish to grow to larger market size. The shorter seasons and tide restrictions also make this fish a viable resource.

Cynoscion othonopterus
February - May

Primary Product Forms

G&G, H&G, Fillet
Day Boat Hand Nets

Harvest Area:

global supply
Sea of Cortez
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Featured Recipe

Mexican Corvina Grilled

in Banana Leaf with Ancho Chili Glaze and Grilled Pineapple Salsa by Chef Mitch of Mitch\'s Seafood This is a dish reminiscent of an Oaxacan style of fish preparation where whole fish are steamed in banana leaves ...
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