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Farmed Red Abalone

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Product Descriptions

The abalone meat comes from Baja California. The abalone fishery is well managed by the Mexican government and individual fishing cooperatives. The cooperatives monitor the fishing in their area to ensure that the abalone stock is sustainable. The abalone steaks are shipped ready to prepare having been trimmed, sliced, pounded, vacuum packed and frozen. The steaks are two to three ounces each and approximately five inches in diameter.

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Ear-shells, Sea ears
Haliotis rufescens
Year Round

Primary Product Forms

Awabi 5-6 pcs/lb
Steak, Whole
Farmed on Land

Harvest Area:

global supply
Baja California
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Featured Recipe

Pan Fried Abalone Steak

Thawing: place the vacuum packed abalone steak under cold running water for about 2 minutes. Removes the steak (OK if still slightly frozen) from the vacuum pack and proceed.
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