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Cortez Flounder

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Product Descriptions

This tasty delicacy cooks quickly, with a white, flakey flesh and mild flavor. It is complemented well by spice rubs, sauces and in stews.

This little known small cetacean exists only in the Sea of Cortez and reaches a maximum size of just under 2 feet in length. It is found in the first 150 feet of the water column over sandy and muddy soft bottoms. Cortez Flounder live in coastal areas at the mouth of estuaries and in brackish water habitats, on soft substrates, at depths to 95 meters. Like other Flounder, it's an opportunistic feeder lying in wait, well camouflaged, on the ocean floor.

This is a relatively obscure fish species, easily confused with other species and it is not well studied scientifically.

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Paralichthy aestuarius
January - July

Primary Product Forms

G&G, H&G, Fillets
Day Boat Hand Nets

Harvest Area:

global supply
Sea of Cortez - Gulf of California
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