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California White Seabass

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Product Descriptions

This west coast fish is an excellent green choice with a great sustainable story. Populations of this fish have recovered from 20 years of overfishing pressures from the 1960's through the mid 1980's. Cooperative Management policies along with local farming and re-population efforts have brought fish stocks back to highly sustainable levels. Highly sought after as one of the best eating west coast game fish, Monterey Bay Aquarium Seafood Watch rates this fish as Best Choice when line caught.

White Sea Bass is not technically a sea bass, but actually the largest member of the Croaker family in the Pacific Ocean (up to 5 feet and 80lbs). It resides primarily in the Kelp Forest and feeds midway up the water column on bait fish, squid and pelagic crabs. Because of strong management and re-population practices in California, this species has been placed on the green list for sustainability by most agencies.

The availability for this fish in California is highest from June 15th through August, and is when volume of local catch drives the pricing to its lowest levels of the year. The remainder of the year Catalina Offshore maintains a fairly consistent supply of White Sea Bass from Baja California fisheries where populations remain strong due to responsible fishing practices and the use of primarily hand line fishing techniques. Fillets hare shiny opaque white with a brilliant red bloodline.

This color naturally oxidizes rapidly when exposed to the air and can become grayish in color in 24-48 hours. The firm but flakey fillets hold up well on the grill and can also be baked or steamed.

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California White Bass
Atractoscion nobilis
Year round, April - August primary months

Primary Product Forms

Whole gutted, Fillet, H&G
Fillets boneless and skinless
Day Boat Nets, Drift Nets and Hook in Line

Harvest Area:

global supply
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Medium/ Tender

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White Seabass Fish Tacos

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