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Cabrilla Grouper

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Product Descriptions

The Cabrilla Grouper is characterized by its uniform, non-ragged tail margin. It's head, body, and fins are covered with small red-brown dots over a grey-brown background. The size ranges from 2 to 10 pounds and can reach about three-feet in length. It's also known as Cabrilla Sardinera because it eats sardines. This fish has high level of fat and a sweet and mildly rich with a toothsome, firm, dense moist texture. Cabrilla has taken off in popularity with local chefs.

Leopard Grouper (Golden Grouper), Cabrilla, Golden Cabrilla Sardinera
Mycteroperca rosacea
Spring and Summer

Primary Product Forms

Whole, Fillet
Hook and line

Harvest Area:

global supply
South part of the Gulf of California
Good (Click for more info)

Product Profile

Cooking Methods