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Bay Scallops

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Product Descriptions

Sweet, succulent bay sushi grade scallops (Cayo Catarina) range from 70 to 100 pieces per pound. They are found fresh most of the year. Our Wild Bay Scallops are hand harvested in various locations throughout Baja California. Each year, harvest locations and quotas are chosen based on scientific evaluations of the size population, strength and impact on surrounding communities.

Divers collect them by hand which causes no damage to the seafloor and almost no by catch.They are picked in the early morning hours and quickly cleaned and ready for shipment by afternoon of the same day. Our scallops are dry pack diver scallops because we don't add water or chemicals to increase the water content.

Product Videos

Bay Scallops, Cayo de Catarina
Argopecten ventricosus
Year round

Primary Product Forms

8lb tubs, 4lb tubs
Tubs, blocks
Day Boat Pangas

Harvest Area:

global supply
Baja California, California, Mexico
Excellent (Click for more info)

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Featured Recipe

Plumb sweet scallops with a refreshing ocean aroma.

These are plumb sweet scallops with a refreshing ocean aroma. A tasty morsel that cooks up quickly. Here are some cooking suggestions from our local Chefs
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Cooking Methods