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Baja Stone Crab

Baja Stone Crab

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Product Descriptions

Baja stone crab is an excellent local alternative to both Pacific dungeness crab and Florida stone crab. Our crabs are trap caught year-round and are usually more abundant during spring and summer months. At Catalina Offshore Products we carry the Pacific stone crab in three forms: live, ready-to-eat claws and a fresh pasteurized meat presentation.

These products are popular in popularity in and out of California for their sweet flavor and economical prized point.

Baja stone crabs are harvested in wooden traps along the northern Baja coastline from 50-150 ft in depth. Minimal bycatch is incurred with live traps, because non target species can be returned safely to the ocean. The crabs themselves have the ability to regenerate their claws and limbs, and studies show that their claws grow back quickly which ensures their long term sustainability.

Our pasteurized stone crab meat is a new presentation that we helped research, develop and market. It competes with commonly imported pasteurized blue crab meat and is also competitive in price. This shell-free frozen form is shelf stable for up to six months.

Product Videos

Rock Crab, California Stone Crab, Pacific Stone Crab
Cancer anthonyi, Cancer productus, Cancer antennarius
These crabs are trap caught year round, weather permitting, and are usually more abundant in Spring and Summer months.

Primary Product Forms

Whole live, 1-4 (jumbo), 4-6 (large), 6-8 (medium), 8-12 (small)2-5
Whole un-scored

Harvest Area:

global supply
Southern California and Northern Baja California, Pacific side
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