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The Opah

Opah are colorful, delicious fish that are making waves in both the culinary and scientific worlds, with San Diego serving as the center of the action.

Catalina Offshore Products and NOAA Fisheries have partnered with San Diego chefs and fishermen on a year-long initiative. The goal is to increase the economic and social value of San Diego fisheries by encouraging people to eat more of the landed catch. Explore this page to discover our culinary engineering approach.

Culinary Engineering Approach: Making the Most of Opah


Watch fishmonger Tommy Gomes of Catalina Offshore Products break down an opah and drop some knowledge on its 7 cuts of meat. Tommy Gomes is Catalina Offshore Products’ expert fishmonger. In this video, he shows off his butchery skills and performs an expert breakdown of a MASSIVE Opah fish.