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Tommy the Fishmonger

Tommy the Fishmonger®

A native San Diegan whose Portuguese family settled in the city in 1892, Tommy Gomes, aka Tommy the Fishmonger®, hails from a long line of professional tuna fishermen. After retiring from commercial fishing, he landed a job in 2003 as a fish cutter for Catalina Offshore Products. He evolved into the role of fishmonger, becoming the seafood supplier’s public face and helping grow the brand beyond its wholesale origins.

In 2011, Gomes’ charisma and seafood expertise landed him on San Diego Magazine’s list of “50 People to Watch.” By 2012 he had launched Catalina Offshore’s fish market and founded Collaboration Kitchen, a nonprofit dinner series focused on seafood education. An outspoken champion of local and sustainable seafood, he promotes responsible fishing practices and zero-waste consumption. His approach to opah, specifically, led to an emerging market for several edible parts of the fish that historically have been overlooked. His work played a part in Catalina Offshore receiving a substantial grant in collaboration with NOAA Fisheries which sought to increase the value of San Diego’s local catch.

Although Gomes announced in late 2019 that he would be stepping down as the face of Catalina Offshore to pursue projects under his own brand, he will forever be part of Catalina Offshore’s history.

To book Tommy the Fishmonger for public appearances or culinary demonstrations, contact Rebecca Gardon: rebecca@catalinaop.com