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British Columbia Atlantic Salmon

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Product Description

Salmon is one of the most versatile and popular fishes in the world. Salmon farms make this fish economically accessible year round and bolster its popularity by supplying consistent quality. Farmed salmon is often preferred over wild salmon due to its standard of quality and taste. The high fat content allows a greater variety of cooking methods over wild salmon which tends to be drier.

Atlantic salmon is the most commonly farmed species. The species Atlantic refers to a species, not a region, and therefore can create some confusion to the consumer when grown in the Pacific Ocean. British Columbia’s farmed Atlantic salmon are specifically raised to sushi standards. British Columbia farmed salmon have an amazing pink flesh color, high levels of omega-3 fatty acids, and a unique rich taste. Our sushi grade Atlantic salmon is sustainably harvested by Marine Harvest in British Columbia.

In recent years salmon farms have raised their standards to minimize their environmental impact on surrounding waters, and to maximize the natural components of fish feed. Throughout the world salmon farms compete on the basis of environmental soundness and unique taste, which keeps standards high for many of the top producing farms. British Columbia farms are recognized for setting strict environmental standards, which are regularly reviewed by local and international agencies. There is very little waste in farmed salmon production, as the eggs are processed for a sushi product called ikura, fish bones are often ground up for fish meal, while heads are used for baiting live traps.

Whether in a raw or cooked presentation, Atlantic salmon from British Columbia is a delicious and sustainable choice.

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Atlantic Salmon, Farmed Salmon, Canadian Farmed Atlantic Salmon
Salmo salar
Year round

Primary Product Forms

G&G, H&G, Fillets
Fillets Vacuum packed ( Skin off)

Harvest Area:

British Columbia - Canada
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